"Not Just A Pretty Face"
"Not Just A Pretty Face"

A little bit about us...

Tomalene, Vanessa, and Jody have been raised in the beautiful Willamette Valley, are an amazing team. We have a passion for animals, children, and 4-H.

Besides raising Mini Lops, we raised Florida Whites, a few Lionheads, and even had a French Angora. Our past experiences include raising and showing cattle, multiple breeds of sheep, and Jody has the Horse  show experience as well as showing her dogs. We have moved on from the larger animals but still have the love for them. Of course we have the faithful barn cats, plus the world's best dog, Boo.

We believe in selling only the best quality animals, and enjoy helping new breeders get started. We do sell the good ones, with many reports of BIS's, BOB's and other wins coming from across the country, to make us swell with pride and continued love for our rabbits.

We are also large supporters of the Mini Lop Rabbit Club of America. "The World's largest and oldest Mini Lop Club!" We have found that the breeders are amazing, and we are like one big family.

The Club Lambs...

We loved the sheep while we had them. But moving on is good too.....

Junior the multi Grand Champion meat goat...That never turned into dinner!

The Barn Cats...


Vanessa's Baby...


How we got started...
We started our rabbitry by rescuing 27 rabbits in 2002. They consisted of Rex's, Mini Rex's,and one Mini Lop (Giselle).

Our friend, and fellow 4-H leader Nancy Van Etten and daughter Molly encouraged us to keep some after placing what we could with some of our 4-H members. All were pedigreed and most had previously been shown with great results. We got them in show shape and took many to the Spring Fling in Canby Oregon. Our very first rabbit show! What an experience! We had a wonderful time and learned a great deal. We showed the rabbits at all the local shows in 2003. We then decided that our Mini Lop, Giselle, was our favorite and even though she had been disqualified at our first show with a bobbed tail, we preferred the mini lops over the other breeds. So the others were placed in great homes. We then purchased a gorgeous buck (Casanova) from Creekside Critters to be a mate for Giselle. Such beautiful and sweet tempered rabbits! Unfortunately Giselle couldn't have babies, and was soon retired to Queen of the barn. We started buying other rabbits from all over. We wanted great blood lines and color. We got rabbits from as far as Maine, and colors from Chocolates to Tri's. We have worked really hard over the last few years to make great colored Mini Lops. When we started with the colored ones, we were told we would never win with them. We have now shot that out of the water!

VT's Giselle
Giselle was our very first Mini Lop rabbit. She passed away from old age 4/21/08. She will be forever missed.

CC's Casanova
Casanova was our very first Buck, Purchased as a boyfriend for Giselle. He suffered from a stroke in the fall of 2007, came out of it. Then had another one 9/10/08 and passed away. He was the sweetest buck we have ever had, and he will be greatly missed.