"Not Just A Pretty Face"
"Not Just A Pretty Face"

VT's Endless Respect Legs 11

Broken chocolate gold tipped steel 

D.O.B. June 24th, 2016

Legs 6

Dam - BH's Snoopy

legs 4
Sire - VT's Public Enemy Number 1

Legs 5

1/27/17 St. Helens, OR 1st, BOV and BOB

2/18/17 Astoria, OR Show A 1st, BOV, BOB.

2/18/17 Astoria, OR

Show B 1st and BOSV

3/26/17 Grants Pass, OR show A 1st, BOSV Show B 1st, BOV and BOB

4/9/17 Roseburg, OR Show A 1st, BOV, and BOB Show C 1st, BOSV, and BOSB

5/20/2017 canby OR BOSV

5/27/2017 Portland OR 1st, BOSV, and BOSB

6/10/2017 Astoria Show A 1st, BOV, and BOSB Show B 1st, BOV, BOB

VT's Mutual Disrespect
Solid Blue Gold Tipped Steel

D.O.B February 9th, 2015
Dam - VT's Gone Girl
Sire - VT's The Omen-Legs 11

2015 ARBA 12th place

VT's KamiKaze
Broken Black Chinchilla
D.O.B May 27th, 2016
Dam - VT's 2 Lazy 2 Read Tattoo's
Sire - Bryan's Table Talk



VT's Public Enemy #1
Solid Black
D.O.B December 24th, 2012
Dam - VT's Bazinga- 1 Leg
Sire - Mile's Mac & Cheese


2013-Crazy 8, Canby, OR. Show A-1st,BOS, BOG. Show B-1st, BOS, BOG 2013-WCC, Reno, NV. Show B-1st 2013-Oregon State Convention-2 Legs

VT's Pay Dirt

Broken Black


D.O.B. March 3rd, 2017

Dam - Desurra's Silver Legacy

Sire - VT's Shaggy 

Placed 7th ARBA 2017

Bryan's Table Talk
Solid Black Gold Tipped Steel
D.O.B January 2nd, 2013
Dam - Bryan's Homewrecker
Sire - Bryan's Gomez




VT's Commander
Solid Black Gold Tipped Steel
D.O.B June 19th, 2014
Dam - VT's Home Of The Brave
Sire - VT's Golden Ticket


1/2015-Frozen Friends-1st,BOV,BOSB 3/2015-Grants Pass-1st,BOV 5/2015-Oregon State- Show A 1st, BOSV. Show C 1st, BOV, BOB 6/2015-Astoria-Show A 1st, BOV. Show C 1st, BOV, BOB

VT's The Omen
Broken Black
D.O.B June 6th, 2013
Dam - VT's ShockNAwe-G.C. Legs 7
Sire - VooDoo's Krew


10/2013-Buns & Broomsticks, 1st, BOS, BOSG, 1st leg! 11/2013-Albany Show, Show A 1st, Show B 1st. 1/2014-Frozen Friends, 1st, BOV,Best Opp. Of Breed. 5/2014-WCC, Reno 1st 5/2015-Portland-A-1st, BOV, BOB-B-1st,BOSV, BOSB 9/2014-Redmond-1st,BOV 11/2015-Eugene-1st As a herd buck he will not be leaving our barn for shows unless close to home once in a while. PROVEN CHOCOLATE CARRIER