"Not Just A Pretty Face"
"Not Just A Pretty Face"

VT'S Purple Hooter Legs 7

Leg 4

Broken Blue Gt'd

D.O.B. May 27th, 2016  

Dam - VT's 2 Lazy 2 to Read Tattoos

Sire -  Bryan's Table talk

10/29/16 McMinnville OR BOV

1/27/17 St. Helens OR BOV 

2/18/17 Astoria, OR 1st, BOV and BOB

3/18/17 Chehalis, WA 1st and BOSV

5/20/2017 Canby OR 1st, BOV, BOB

5/27/2017 Portland or 1st, BOV, BOB

6/10/2017 Astoria OR 1st, BOSV

VT's Coco Chanel Leg 1


D.O.B. January 25, 2016

Dam - VT's Scrumdidly
Sire - BH's Charlie


7/9/2016 Monroe WA 1st, BOV, BOB

Ovard's Reveille
Broken Chestnut
D.O.B January 3rd, 2016
Dam -Ovard's Qenay

Sire - Ovard's Rude Awakening

VT's We Have Manners Were Polite
Solid Frosted Pearl


D.O.B May 18th, 2015
Dam - VT's Wednesdays We Wear Pink
Sire - Bryan's Oversized Ego

2015 ARBA 19th place

VT's Cherry Bomb
Broken Black

Leg 2
D.O.B May 27th, 2016
Dam - VT's 2 Lazy 2 Read Tattoo's
Sire - Bryan's Table Talk

4/9/17 Roseberg Show B 1st

Roseberg Show C 1st

VT's Bazzinga
1 GC Leg
Solid Black
D.O.B April 2nd, 2012
Dam - VT's Sahara
Sire - VT's Duke


2012 Clackamas County Fair-1st, BOV, BOB, Reserve in Show!

VT's The Struggle Is Real
Broken Black
D.O.B April 5th, 2014
Dam - VT's Tatum
Sire - VT's The Omen

2015-Hermiston-A-1st, B-1st 2014-Eugene-1st

VT's Future Is Female

Broken Chocolate
D.O.B  November 30, 2016

Dam - VT's Baby Please

Sire - VT's The Omen legs 11


VT's Queenie Leg-6

Solid Seal
D.O.B December 25th, 2013
Dam - VT's Mirror Mirror-Legs 2
Sire - VT's Duke

8/15/14 Canby Or. BOB 8/31/14 Salem Or, BOSB 9/6/14 Hermiston Or, 1st 1/31/15 St. Helens Or. Show A BOV Show B BOB 3/21/15 Hermiston Or. 1st

VT's Toxically Charming
Solid Opal
D.O.B February 9th, 2015
Dam - VT's Gone Girl
Sire - VT's The Omen-Legs 11


2015 Crescent City-Show A, 1st, BOV. Show B, 1st, BOV. Show C, 1st. Show D, 1st, BOV, BOSB. 2015 ARBA 39th place 2015 Red Bluff-Show A, 1st. Show B 1st, BOSV, BOSB. Show D 1st, BOSV 2016 Frozen Friends 1st, BOSV

VT's My Best Friends Wedding
Solid Black
D.O.B January 11th, 2016
Dam - VT's We Have Manners Were Polite
Sire - VT's Commander-Leg


2016-Crazy 8 Show, Canby OR, 1st, BOV, BOB

VT's A Dash Of Pepper
Leg 1
Broken Sable
D.O.B January 25th, 2016
Dam - VT's In10Sity
Sire - VT's Stay Golden


2016-Monroe, 1st, BOV

BH's Chocolate Diamond

D.O.B. June 14th, 2016

Dam -BH's Starry Eyed Lover
Sire - Bryan's Table Talk





VT's In10Sity
Red Eyed White
D.O.B March 15th, 2014
Dam - Scott's Crystal
Sire - VT's Kilimanjaro Legs

VT's We're Back Pitches
Broken Black
D.O.B May 15th, 2015
Dam - VT's In10Sity
Sire - VT's Public Enemy #1


2015 ARBA 7th place

BH's Imagine
Broken Black
D.O.B May 21st, 2015
Dam - VT's In Your Face
Sire - VT's Public Enemy #1

BH's Eleanor Rigby
Solid Black
D.O.B May 21st, 2015
Dam - VT's In Your Face
Sire - VT's Public Enemy #1


2015-ARBA, 4th out of 90 SJD class

VT's Flying Noir
Legs 4
Broken Seal
D.O.B November 26th, 2014
Dam - VT's Fooled You
Sire - VT's The Omen-Legs 11


2015 Red Bluff-Friday 1st, BOSV, BOSB. Show B 1st. 2015 Roseburg-1st, BOV 2015 Crazy 8 show A, 1st, BOV, B